Python to Read Large Excel/CSV File Faster

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Read a CSV with PyArrow

In Pandas 1.4, released in January 2022, there is a new backend for CSV reading, relying on the Arrow library’s CSV parser. It’s still marked as experimental, and it doesn’t support all the features of the default parser—but it is faster.1

Full article: Python to Read Large Excel/CSV File Faster — Hung, Chien-Hsiang | Blog (

Notice, it’s only feasible by pd.read_csv() not pd.read_excel().

In pd.read_excel():

engine: str, default None

If io is not a buffer or path, this must be set to identify io. Supported engines: “xlrd”, “openpyxl”, “odf”, “pyxlsb”.2

Upgrade Pandas

pip install --upgrade pandas --user

Noted –user is needed for windows user to handle:

Read Large Excel File Faster


Let’s imagine that you received excel files and that you have no other choice but to load them as is. You can also use joblib to parallelize this3. Compared to our pickle code from above, we only need to update the loop function.4

Just One File

Standard usecols, nrows, skiprows experiment.

Other great ideas to reduce time on reading data like chunk etc, read on Big Data from Excel to Pandas | Python Charmers.



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