[PowerApps] Display Dates in a Combo Box, Distinct not Showing all Records, Filter on Date won’t Work

Getting value but not “yyyy-mm-dd” like format for dates records in a combo box?

Change you items with ForAll or AddColumns:

DateDisplay:Title & " - " & Text(ViewingDate, "dd mmm yy")

Then it will display correctly:

But how to show a DefaultItems?

X: [values]

O: {column_name: value}

PowerApps Distinct not Showing all Records?

(2000 records limitation on each query)


  1. [Canvas Apps — Dataverse] How to get distinct values from datasource ? — XRM Tricks (Power Platform & Dynamics CRM )

or you can:

  1. Create a view to Filter in DataVerse
  2. To use view in PowerApps: Filter(table, table.view)

Invalid Schema Expected a One-column Table PowerApps

IsBlank(categoryBox_1.SelectedItems.Val) || IsEmpty(categoryBox_1.SelectedItems) || mib_fld_tbl_std_Saving_Category_varchar in categoryBox_1.SelectedItems.Val
IsBlank(ProjectIDBox_1.SelectedItems.<columnName>) || IsEmpty(ProjectIDBox_1.SelectedItems.<columnName>) || mib_fld_tbl_std_Saving_Type_varchar in ProjectIDBox_1.SelectedItems.<columnName>

ProjectIDBox_1.SelectedItems.<columnName> type in <columnName> manually instead of expecting that to be auto-generated after . by PowerApps system.

PowerApps Filter on Date won’t Work

It works for operants > < but = for DateTime data type. You can try create a new column in the DataVerse with the data using formula like Text(Year(<Datetime>))&Text(Month(<Datetime>), “00”) to convert DateTime to String.



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