Mock Technology Consulting Case Interview (Case Study): Architecture Strategy


Architecture Strategy: Federal Finance Agency



  • There are seven different internal systems being used by the organization. Each system uses the same development environment and database platform.
  • Most of the business units consist of lawyers and ex-military officers, who are experts in their field but not necessarily technology-oriented.
  • Many of the business units still work with hard-copies of cases and licenses that they need to process and hand-deliver to other business units for review.
  • High employee turnover has left remaining employees stretched very thin, including the IT department, whose time is mostly consumed providing maintenance support to employees using each of the systems.
  • Additional goals of the project include adapting to foreign languages, standardizing internal reporting and decreasing throughput time for form processing.


  • Analyzing the current systems
  • Interviewing stakeholders
  • What aspects would you focus on?
  • How to gather info?
  • Analyze opportunities for alignment between the business processes
  • Analyze data issues in each database — determine where data is being recorded twice in between different systems and similarities / differences in data models for each database
  • Analyze current business processes by identifying key use cases
  • Create a data mapping to see how the same information is being recorded in multiple systems


  1. Interview
  2. System examine
  3. Test


  • Budget, new US foreign policy, and time
  • The agency’s availability of resources, documentation of current system and acceptance of change regarding a new system


  • Update existing software systems to pull from new database tables and use an ERD diagram/UML modeling system to display structure
  • Mention issues with moving data from old to new database: data conversion, data profiling/cleansing, warehousing, data standardization. Inquire about the types and quantity of data that needs to be stored as well as data dependencies in the existing databases
  • Test the data structure using system testing, integration testing, systems integration testing, and user acceptance testing



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